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The last day of October will be here very soon.
About this time I switch my thoughts to the holidays, Thanksgiving and the menu to follow.
We already ordered our turkey from a natural ‘health’ grocery store.
Not really sure who will join us. but I am always up for a good turkey dinner with all the leftovers.
I found a friends recipe for whole cranberries which is very good.
We just have to find our ‘items’ for the dish.
Soon we also will have our anniversary too.
Yes we got married in November using fall colors and fall themes.
I love the autumn colors, so the choice was ok and really it was a pretty picture for the album.
We are planning a little get away in our trailer, the last one of the year.
It should be fairly nice weather and a good time to just ‘relax’.
Although these days of retirement I purposely relax on a regular basis.
I do not like to be stressed or rushed or feeling like I have to do something right now.
Retirement has been a good season and it has given me time to heal from my cancer recovery.
I have actually retired years ago.
My husband retired about five years ago and he really keeps busy doing what he wants now.
We are in a good place in our lives and our hearts are full with ‘feelings of thanksgiving’.
All is well with our grown up kids and their families and our extended family is good too.
So much to be thankful for.
There was a song that became one of my all time favorites, it says, “give thanks with a grateful heart.”
Yes we are grateful. We are blessed. We have nothing to complain about.
The last day of October will be here soon and we can one more time, finish the year strong and healthy.
That is our hope.