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I can’t begin to imagine the journey for Mary and Joseph.
They are in a new relationship which is both challenging and full of many changes and responsibilities.
They are journeying towards a town of great activity and many things had to take place.
A census was very important and Joseph knew he had to get there.
In order for the official count to be made known all citizens had to register themselves and their property for proper taxation.
It might not have been what they wanted to do but Joseph knew there was no choice.
They rode or walked as the days moved into nights.
I think of Mary round with child and her exhaustion not being able to fully rest.
Where would they lay down for comfort?
Were they even safe to stop and sit for awhile?
There is so much I wonder about in this Christmas story.
I wonder if they were able to stay strong and full of hope.
I wonder did God provide some sort of heavenly food
like he did so many years before.
I wonder if they found fresh water and did God provide that along the way too?
I also wondered what they thought about as they walked in the quiet.
Was there a silence between them that was deep and heavy
or did they talk and share about this experience with each other.

There is so much about this journey we don’t know about.
What we do know is a very special baby was coming and God was preparing the way.