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The journey of writing began months after my decision to retire from my pharmacy job.
After working full time for many years, it was both refreshing to have free time and a little bit confusing as to what my days would look like.
I found myself slightly bored and not sure of what to do with the time that was now available to me.
My husband mentioned that I should start a blog.
I had no idea what a blog was and I didn’t have any idea what I would write about.
Why would I think anyone would want to read anything I would put on a page?
My husband again challenged me to tell my story.
Since I was still in counseling at the time I didn’t know what that would look like.
My counselor shared with me his feelings on the idea and told me he felt I was qualified to write.
So one day I sat down in front of the computer and googled blog and then googled blog sites and figured out; after a time of prayer what I wanted ‘my personal page to look like.’
I learned how to pace myself and how to take baby steps and how to share things that were once hidden.
I didn’t want anyone to read the words for it was personal to me and very similar to a diary.
Tapping on the keyboard brought healing as I put into words the feelings that were stored away.
The first few years the blog was private only for those who I chose to be active readers.
I was scared of criticism and also scared of sharing my part of what I remembered about life growing up.
I had to face those feelings and allow myself to write in an open hearted way without fear of judgement.
For a few weeks I may bring out a few of those old writings.
It began in the year 2010 and here I am in 2018 still writing and still sharing.
Only time has matured my style and ways of getting around a sentence.
I didn’t want to make my blog public but again my husband said, “If you were to write a book, would you always know who was going to read it or purchase it?”
No of course not. The idea is to write a book and sell it to whoever likes it. That was his point.
He said to me, “tell your story so others can be blessed by it.”
The journey of writing began when I finally decided to not hide anymore.
Hopefully in sharing some of those early posts you can see how far ‘I have come’… in my healing. The fear is not in starting our journey. It is not being true to ourselves to finish it.