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The gift of friendship is one that I do not take lightly.
My best friend and her husband live about three hours away from us.
It was a hard adjustment for me when they moved, she used to live three blocks from me.
When they were little our boys used to play together and it has been a friendship of over 30 years.
We always have a wonderful time of sharing with each other.
My friend and I have been close for many years. She is a gift to me.
As we have aged we have changed in our physical appearances and also our health.
Both of us are dealing with potential health problems but we are strong;
and we encourage each other and we pray for each other always.
It is a friendship of comfort. There are no games and no hidden agenda’s.
It is a friendship that challenges the best in us to come out.
I value her and her wisdom and her ability to rise above her situations.
She is a warrior who survived losing her first husband, and who waited for over 7 years;
for the right ‘other’ man of her dreams to come into her life.
She is happy and lives in a beautiful home that they have built together.
I am delighted that she is loved, cared for and is doing very well these days.
She is classy and smart and I am so very glad to be a part of her life.
The gift of friendship is just that, a gift we unwrap carefully and then treasure.
It is something that creates in us a ‘feeling’ of value.
I believe in her and she believes in me.
We pray for each other and always want the best for each other.
When we talk on the phone it is always a few hour phone call.
I miss her being closer to me, we used to walk and talk and share matters of our hearts in person.
“Many people will walk in and out of your life but only true friends leave footprints in your heart.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
The gift of friendship is the best gift ever. I pray you have that ‘special friend’.
(photo from David Hill winery, Oregon)