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Driving in the fog this morning gave me many things to think about.

When the way is not clear and the vision is blurry and
even feeling very unsafe
we can only look straight ahead and follow the line to the right of us and the left.
If we dare to do something different it could cost us something such as our safety or even our life.
It is dangerous to drive in the fog.
We cannot see when there is no clarity or vision.
I personally don’t like it.
It scares me for there are many unknowns.
Life is like that sometimes.
In the process of going from one place to another.
We have to learn to trust.
We have to learn to grip the wheel and not distract ourselves.
As we know from the past eventually the fog clears and the vision becomes normal.
Right now I look out the window and it is a crisp very sunny fall day.
But it didn’t look like that at seven in the morning.
It is about perspective.
Sometimes our attitudes are foggy and we can’t see past our issues.
Sometimes we block our own journey
because of the heaviness and unforgiveness we choose to carry.
It is not helpful to walk around with our heads in a fog.
Life is a lesson and it remains our choice how we will see it.
I choose to trust even in the fog and
I also choose to praise when the sun comes out.
It is all about over coming and knowing
that just as we see the fog lift on the outside and a new view arising our hearts can be lifted too.

photo’s by P.j. DiBenedetto