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The end of the year is here.
We made it through 2020 and it was quite a year.
I started off with a cancer journey that went from December through the month of March.
Then covid arrived and although I was resting from radiation it was important to quarantine at home.
Since my personality is a ‘home body’ it wasn’t hard to not go anywhere.
Occasionally we would go for a car ride but I couldn’t go far since the restrooms would not be open.
This year needs to be different.
I think we need a reboot, a restart, a refreshing of our spirit’s.
It has been lonely at times, with long drawn out days, but so necessary to stay in.
The masks makes it hard to feel connected. No one really likes them.
Oh I did my share of sewing some. Then I bought some already done.
I had my year check up this month and all is clear.
They are watching a few spots but it’s good.
You never realize how precious your health is until something threatens it.
What do I want in 2021?
I would love to see family and friends more often.
We have not been in real church since March. That would be a nice experience.
Our church is building a new building and it would be amazing to be in there worshipping.
I am ready for a vacation somewhere.
Most likely in our trailer since it’s the safest way for me to travel.
They say your immune system is still pretty compromised up to a year or more after radiation.
I pray for continued health for everyone.
We will not be going anywhere for new years or new years day.
I did buy a day timer with the hopes of filling it a little bit with plans on the calendar.
I am starting a new budget site for the beginning of January.
We will see how it works and what it ends up telling me.
My son really likes it so I will get signed up, I trust his opinion.
I am praying for a new word of the year.
Always have one, so I need to listen and focus on that word.
I pray your year is a good one too.
Full of many blessings and prayers answered.
The end of the year is here and we say good bye to it as we watch it leave.