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The discipline of writing is a very integrated part of our lives, for those of us who write on a regular schedule.
Ann Voskamp who is a very well known writer, once said, “Even an audience of one, deserves full attention. Write for God’s purposes and the rest will fall into place.”
(This is not a direct quote just sharing the concept)
I do believe the idea is wonderful.
My little writing space is not well known, is not meeting the masses with great numbers or even reaching out to those in the writing field.
I write because I love it. Not because I have a huge following, but because it’s a discipline for me just as my exercise or my food prep.
I think for me it is more a calling of my heart to leave not only a legacy of words but also encouragement for those who read it.
This last month I joined an online face book group that challenges the art of writing.
Leaving the computer and purchasing paper, notecards, a good pen and a list of those who you want to bless with a hand written note from your heart.
I love the idea and challenge.
In our world of technology we have lost the art of hand writing.
My own cursive writing has changed throughout the years, since I don’t do it often.
In church I take notes as fast as the Pastor is speaking and my words are messy and sometimes not clear to read.
I choose to slow down. I choose to purchase stationary that is pretty, with nice envelopes.
Stamps are not that expensive, and even a pretty pen doesn’t have to break a budget.
Shall we challenge ourselves to think of our friends or perhaps even family members; then send them a well thought out… note from your heart?
The lady who guides the face book group calls it, “capturing the written word.”
How we can bless someone with an unexpected note.
She said there is power in giving and receiving.
I know the art of thank you notes has gone by the wayside and it is sad.
If someone purchases a gift for you; that means they went out of their way to think of you, and then made the effort of purchasing out of their budget the gift.
That deserves a thank you note.
When we were young little girls I remember our mom making us write thank you notes to our grand parents. Sure wish I could see those little hand writings now. It would be a treasure.
So this little unknown blog writer is challenging you to join me in this new idea.
Let’s think about who we can bless, what we need in order to do it, and how we can not make this a project but rather a new lifestyle of writing.
Let’s do this.Our thank you note from our wedding almost 44 years ago.