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The days between Good Friday and Easter were only three.
The followers of Jesus didn’t know what to do.
They had seen the glorious entry on Palm Sunday and they had seen the chaos and turmoil surrounding his death.
It was too much for them. They couldn’t understand and they couldn’t sit with the knowing that HE told them this would happen.
Peter said, “I will never deny you.” Yet when it came down to the pressure and self preservation of the moment. He did and he did it more than once.
We can understand the self preservation mode, we have seen it with this new virus that has attacked our land.
People buying unusual and crazy things, people making unwise choices.
Because for some people; there would be a cost if they did not, self preserve.
The followers of Jesus did the same.
I can’t even imagine what Mary felt like, and the women who loved Jesus.
The quiet… the waiting. The wondering. The deep sorrow breaking and shattering their hearts.
What is next? No one really knew.
Even His closest friends had no idea that HE would indeed be buried and HE would rise as HE was appointed to do.
I would imagine the followers also felt betrayed a little bit.
They never thought HE would actually be killed.
So much to process for them. So much to think about just as anyone who is in a grieving mode, remembering back on conversations and moments.
The days between Good Friday and Easter were a time of waiting, deep loss and misunderstanding.
We only have to wait for what is to come… for every one.