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The day was dark and the nights were sad for the disciples and others who had watched the scene unfold.
They had seen Jesus taken away from the garden where he had prayed.
They had realized the rooster crowed and Peter denied Jesus just as Jesus said he would.
Judas was deep into his own despair after turning Jesus over to the soldiers. (Later he would hang himself.)
So much had taken place leading up to the day of the cross.
Jesus went through much torture and pain; knowing how much it was going to affect everything.
Mary stood by and watched her first born son die not fully understanding how the story would end for them.
The whole idea of crucifixion is wicked and horrific and it was awful for the disciples to see it happen.
The mob had roared; yelling crucify him. There was nothing the disciples could do within the panic of the moments.
In the book of Matthew it lays out the details; scene after scene. Matthew 27: reading through the 28th chapter.
I found it interesting and I am not sure I ever read it before, where Pilate’s wife sent him a message as he was dealing with Jesus, saying, “Leave that innocent man alone.
I suffered through a terrible nightmare about him last night.” Matthew 27:19
Pilate gave him over and washed his hands of the responsibility before the crowd.
Jesus was crucified on the cross.
We know the day darkened around the noon hour. It says it fell across the whole land. (Have you ever seen the darkened skies? kind of eerie)
He let go of his spirit and it was over. The veil in the sanctuary tore from top to bottom, the earth shook, and rocks split apart.
It was complete chaos and the soldiers standing nearby said it was truly ‘the Son of God.’
(remember they had seen and experienced many crucifixions before, THIS one was different)
The disciples knew it was over. They had great fear and remorse as they all had left him in his greatest need, just as HE said they would.
Self preservation sometimes makes us do things we never thought we would do.
I would imagine they had to realize their lives were to go back to where they started, before he called them to follow him.
The grief they had experienced alongside their great disappointment that HE would be with them I would also imagine to be too much.
The day was dark and the nights were sad, as the stone was placed in front of the tomb.