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Learning to be a parent was a job like no other.
You cannot read a book and be prepared for it, unlike drivers ed you cannot take a class, practice and pass.
We learned by trial and error as we moved through the days and nights of hard and exhausting work.
Not that children are difficult, but it just takes a lot of energy to do the job of parenting well.
I had very low energy when they were little and a small amount of experience from a few babysitting jobs.
We learned to navigate through the baby stages, then to kindergarten and grade school, and then big school.
I did daycare to help with our budget, so I could stay at home with our children.
Sometimes they even liked and played together which made my job easier.
I didn’t go to a work setting till Sarah was about 1st grade, which would have made Christopher around 4th grade.
There were a few jobs I tried, but I found I didn’t like leaving them.
Oh I also tried to sell Tupperware, or Avon but decided I am not a sales person.
The first clue was when I hung the Avon bag on the door and ran after ringing the door bell, hoping no one would call wanting me to go back.
Whenever I thought of leaving and going to work I couldn’t get a right peace in my spirit.
For years I stayed home and did other things to help our budget.
Eventually I found a job that worked with Larry’s schedule. He worked an 8-5 job and I worked a 6-2:30 job.
He got the children up and moving in the morning and I was home in the afternoon.
When they had days off from school, Larry left for work as they slept, then he was home for an hour lunch, and I was home at 2:45.
Leaving them very little time for trouble. That worked for a long time for us.
We were living in our home that we built and schedules were finally working really well.
They walked home together when they could, we felt with Christopher being 3 years older he could be the responsible one.
They grew and life continued and they were busy with activities like cheerleading and jazz band.
High School brought many new experiences for all of us.
As parents we had to learn to challenge them and direct them and lead them into making good decisions.
We also had to allow them to fall and make mistakes and learn from those ‘wrong choices.’
After graduating from high school Christopher went to college, and Sarah moved in with some girl friends.
The changes a family goes through in 12 years as a child grows up is amazing.
Yes there are challenges, and yes some were harder than others. But we walked it together.
Through those good and not so good times, we made it.
We found ourselves one more time, just the two of us, in our cozy little home, then I wanted to move again.
So we sold the home we built and bought a two story, and over 20 years later we still live here.
We both see the need to move again, one more time back into a single level style home.
As we have aged it is important to get back into the more simple life with no stairs.
Family life brought us many changes and challenges and blessings beyond our comprehension.
We are proud of our ‘now grown’ children.
Both are parents with their own changes and challenges that children create.
The circle of life continues as we move through the process of being a family.
It is my hope in sharing all of this that the theme remained, we made it.
We walked it together as our vows had said on our wedding day.
Through good and bad, we will do it together.
Till we are old and our stories are just memories, we face the challenges with each other.
God has been with us and will continue to give us strength and courage to face the future.
What ever that will be.