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Today is the last day of September.
So hard for me to believe we are entering into the fall months and then winter will come.
Fall has always been my favorite time of year.
I love how it represents change and colors and letting go… and reminds me to pause.
Not only am I still cleaning and managing the ‘task of removing and re-purposing’ items from our home, I am also decorating for the change of season.
Today I purchased three hand made wooden pumpkins for outside our front door.
Couldn’t figure out an outside plant to match so I purchased yellow and orange pansies.
I hope it will look welcoming and nice.
I am not generally one to decorate outside our home since we had a nice nativity stolen.
It is discouraging to try to make it look nice only to find someone else liked it too.
The fall is also a season of remembering as our anniversary is in November.
We had fall colors in the ceremony and it was a remembering of the beauty outside.
Today was a combination of a fall rain, and then sunshine, then rain again.
In Oregon one must have a rain coat, and boots and an umbrella too.
What are your thoughts about the fall season?
Soon everything will be changing colors and looking amazing.
The beginning of fall is arriving and I am loving the cool air and soon the fires in the fireplace, along with the soup on the stove and biscuits in the oven.
Fall is a time for sweaters and books and hot cups of tea.
I hope you find time for a slow ‘sipping from your favorite cup’… as you enjoy this season of change.