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The five minute Friday challenge is to write for five minutes with no editing. 
The word today is: Broken 
A long time ago there was a man who was strong, able and independent.
He was an auctioneer in rodeo settings and also a well known sheep shearer.
Nationally known in the rodeo circuits and also known as a man of all trades.
That was a long time ago.
Now he sits in a recliner chair or wheelchair.
With oxygen tanks nearby holding the air inside that keep his lungs and heart alive.
Alongside him is the pill caddie and the inhalers to help him breathe.
In the small refrigerator there is insulin which keeps his blood sugars stable.
He is limited with congestive heart failure and leaking valves.
Leukemia of the blood and diabetes cause his legs to be swollen and sore. 
The lungs are tired and full of water that shouldn’t be there.
The heart inside him is tired. 
HE waits for breath as he coughs and coughs and we pray as we listen.
Sitting beside him is his wife.
A long time ago she was able to drive and be social and have friends.
She was a hospital auxiliary president who did many charitable functions.
She worked full time and raised three daughters to her best ability.
That was a long time ago.
Now she sits in a recliner or wheel chair clinging to her blanket and a stuffed monkey or two.
She is unable to hold much of a conversation and she cannot feed or dress herself.
Dementia of the mind and Parkinson’s of the body has taken away who she once was.
They are now Broken.
Broken bodies with broken minds.
Broken hands and broken hearts.
The ability to do what was once done is no longer a choice.
It is sad.
Very sad to watch and remember when he was strong.
Very sad to remember when she cleaned her house impeccably always.
Along with the beautiful counted cross stitch pictures that she doesn’t remember.
Now they are old together and can’t do anything.
They sit holding hands in the foster home hoping for at least another day.
We will remember.
They were our parents. 
Age 86 and 81 sitting hand in hand growing old together until that day ends for them.