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That is where the power is
I read a quote not long ago and there was no author to give credit to, so I want to share it here.
“When you can’t control what’s happening around you, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening.
That is where the power is.”
Oh I really like this.
When our children were little and when they were acting out over some incident that created a stir for them.
I would often say, “are you reacting or responding?” The decision would then direct my choice as to how to deal with them.
Same idea if I was disciplining them. If they are over reacting then it’s a bigger problem. If they chose to respond in a good way.
We both won.
The power is controlling our response.
Often we may be angry, or frustrated or worried or the many other things we can feel but how we show that is very important.
I have seen people come out of horrendous situations and remain calm and with the attitude, “I made it”.
I have also seen some who could come out of the same situation really angry and bitter.
One friend I remember who was coming through a terrible divorce remained very angry for many years.
How much time was wasted by allowing that bitter attitude to steal joy, peace and calm.
Some things will happen in our lives which we have no control over.
We may lose our job, our home, our health, our loved one.
The biggest choice we will have in those moments, is how we respond.
How will we make it through. How we will get to the other side.
If others are watching; what story are they reading when they see us push through the ‘issues’?
That is where the power is, the way we respond.