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The word for the Friday challenge was thank you.
The goal is to write for five minutes with no editing.
Then post your ‘writing’.
Thank you
From the time I remember it was always something I learned to say.
Please and thankyou.
Manners of etiquette and not only that but a pleasing sound to someone.
If someone gives  you something you say ‘thank you’.
It is a gesture of kindness.
I am thankful for…
we just left a season of thanksgiving.
A day of giving thanks for many things.
For we are richly blessed.
We have food on our table when we want or need it.
We have hot water for showers or tea.
We have antibiotics when we get sick and washers and dryers to clean up the mess.
There is much to be thankful for.
We have homes that are warm and cars that are easy to navigate.
I have just received a letter from a little five year old in Haiti who says she carry’s water for her family and walks 25 minutes to get to her compassion school.
That is incredible for a five year old.
And she says ‘thank you for sponsoring me’.
I should be the one thanking  her for giving me a new perspective that life is so much more than money in the bank and affluent neighborhoods.
Thank you is a gesture of kindness and humility.
I thank you… for being a great encouragement to me.
Joining Lisa Jo and the link on friday.