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When I think of taking a risk it brings to me deep and almost anxiety producing issues.
Should I do what I feel is right to do or should I
step back and do nothing so the risk doesn’t cost me something.
Taking that first step always costs us.
We become vulnerable.
We open a door to allow acceptance and perhaps the door shuts.
We become unsure of ourselves.
We become unsure of our motives.
Taking a risk means we move one more step outside of ourselves. says risk taking is to expose ourselves.
Not in a bad way but to take a risk to show others our ‘true’ selves.
Our authentic selves.
Can we do it?
This challenge for thirty one days has been a risk for me.
It has moved me in directions of distance and fear and of uncertainty.
I wasn’t sure if I could do it for thirty one days with a consistent flow and consistent thought process.
If wasn’t something I felt like I had to do it would be easier.
At times I have written three times a week and never had a problem with it.
When it became a challenge for me
the words didn’t come.
They felt more pushed and pulled and taken out of context of the flow of my blog.
The month is not over and I will continue to try to write
with some sort of content and thought.
It has just plain been hard.
How do you handle a risk taking situation?