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As we begin the season of Christmas traditions
I pray we do not let go of the original story and the original reason Jesus came.
So much to question and so much to share
about the story of Mary and Joseph and the journey 
they had to set out on.
With faith and with a strong will and with instructions from an angel they were obedient.
They chose to listen and follow and do what they were told.
The angel told Mary she would have a child and the angel told
Joseph to take Mary as his wife and love this child that was not his own.
What courage and what strength this must have been
for them as a couple.
What an honor it was for them to be a part of the Christmas story.
Forever this story would be told and forever
everyone would know how it all began between
Mary a peasant girl and Joseph a carpenter and the love that grew between them.
The advent of a new birth brought new hope and a new beginning and new love.
Can you even imagine their thoughts?
To be chosen out of all the people around them
to be chosen 
by God.