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The invitations were hand made by a friend of mine. She as a very gifted artist and I wanted her help.
We were in art together then in graphic art class so we spent a lot of time ‘together’.
I told her what I wanted, a couple, simple picture and a cross. This is what she drew.
Then I wanted to make the thank you notes simple and very much like the invitations, so we made these.
Then the scroll that was handed out as people came into the service was hand made. It was a song by the Carpenters. Karen and her brother.
A good friend of ours sang the song at the end of the service. It was a ‘saying of good-bye and a thank-you’ at the same time. I would share the song for you at the end of this series if I can find it.
Our service was beautiful, very surreal and very interesting.
I am not sure if I was walking down the aisle in great anticipation, can you really know what is going on at age 18?
It was more like, “I am not sure about this, I am kind of scared, I am in love but do I know what that means?”
Which are very fair questions when one is young and not sure.
I had my sisters and he had his brothers, it was a family time. The service was traditional and nice and a new time for us to begin as a family too. My mother wanted me to have a bible covered in flowers, so we could have a picture of it. I have never taken it apart. After 42 years it is still in my hope chest together. The bible and the flowers all wrapped together in a protective bag.
Our wedding was beautiful I always loved the cross above us, I saw it a symbol of protection and covering and peace that would carry us through the years to come.
My sisters and my best friend Joyce were with me, and I felt like all was going to be fine in this new life we were forming together.
I haven’t been able to find Joyce, have no idea where she is now. Would love to connect with her. We were very good friends back then in the 1970’s.
I don’t even know where to look for her, or what her name is at this point in time.
Ward gave us a big hug and talked to Larry after the service. It was so sweet and I still remember his big arms circling around me.
So young and so not ready to start a life of as a young married couple. God was with us.