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Through storms, give thanks
November 21, 2017
This post was written last November as we explored the act of giving thanks.
Sharon Osterhoudt wrote such eloquent and encouraging words on giving thanks in the storms of our lives (could we even add in the busyness in our lives?).
We thought it would be a great post to revisit in this week of thanks.
The other day, as I looked outside, I noticed the wind blustery and pounding with rain pouring down in many directions, as the darkened clouds cracked the skies with thunderous roars.  Watching it inside a warm home, listening to the roar of the wet as it fell onto the brown grass, I was giving thanks.
God gives us examples every day of letting go and remaining steadfast.  The force of the wind gave the trees no choice but to let go of the remaining leaves that once held on, transforming the limbs to empty, barren sticks.  The moment left me in awe of how we “have to let go” just as that tree limb to its leaves.  Life’s forces slap us from one side to the other at times and we have no choice but to let go, and release our grip to what was familiar.
I was gently reminded of so much that we have to be thankful for.  That God gives us tangible lessons to see and observe.  That in the letting go we actually receive new, as time permits.  In order for the trees to prepare for the growth in the spring, they must let go in the fall.  It has to take place.
As I think of this, I am reminded to give thanks for the hard and difficult times for they prepare us to praise Him in the good and peaceful times.  In the midst of trials and struggles and questions, He prepares us for the Power of his Glory.  Oh, it’s hard to remember to give thanks when we are hit hard with the storms.  It is hard to stand strong when the wind hits us and the rains dampen our spirits.  But we must always remember, after a storm, often there is a rainbow.
A promise that we can look up and give thanks.  We can open our eyes and our hearts to the One who is in control of all things.  Some times we remain, shaken, but even in those times we can give thanks.  Without the pause and reflection, we lose the sacred moment of the lesson.  When life hits really hard, it is good to know God is taking care of us.
“Give thanks, to the Lord Almighty, for the Lord is good; His love endures forever.”  Jeremiah 33:11

Sharon Osterhoudt has been married for over 44 years. She has two grown ‘children’ and six grand children.
She and her husband have attended Grace chapel now for over ten years.