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One can imagine ~
sitting on a deck out side in the brisk fall air listening to the quiet and enjoying the moment of doing nothing. 
The voices of nature and the stillness of the water splashing against itself is the only sound entering over whelmed ears.
So often we have to have noise in the air.
It would be good for us to stop and just listen.
Listen to the quiet.
Look at the beauty.
Listen closer as the season speaks in words we don’t often recognize.

Soon the quiet begins to change as geese fly overhead encouraging each other to press forward and on to that last winter resting place.
It is a distant call.
A migratory call. Almost a haunting sound.
A miraculous sound echoing into the vast sky.
When I hear them often I will stop and look up.
If I am in a car sometimes I will pull off the road to just listen to them and watch.
It always amazes me how they tirelessly fly high into the air and onto a journey only they know.
It is a God designed mystery.
It is a beauty that is almost too hard to describe.
For me it is a reminder that we are not meant to live this life alone.
We need each other to encourage and come alongside as we
journey through our individual paths.
Just as the geese need each other to continue on to their destination.
Each one of them listen and press forward and often there will be more than one
joining into the haunting call.
For us I think
This season is a time of reflection of what really matters.
It is also a season of choices.
I choose to enjoy the season we are in.
I choose to stop and look and listen.
I choose to perhaps take a walk or a drive and enjoy the colors God has painted around us.

Fall is also a season of change.
A season that leads into others.
May we learn to slow down and stop
and learn to look and listen
to the beauty God has given us.
May we become more thankful
for this season of change
and embrace it.
For when we embrace something
 it soon becomes a choice of the heart.