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There is a five minute blog challenge every Friday and today’s word is Stay.
The rule is to write for five minutes without editing the word or topic.
Let the prompt begin.

When I bring my dog Emma in I tell her to sit and Stay. She listens to me and obeys and quietly goes back to her blanket and lays down. She doesn’t argue with me nor does she disobey. She stays simply because I am her boss and I tell her to do it.
When someone tells me to do something I bristle. That is the difference between her attitude and mine.
She wants to obey and please me. I perhaps want to please myself.
When I think of God and his faithfulness to us the word stay is a constant.
He will stay with us as long as we want him to.
He walks with us and stays closer than a brother. I have never had a brother so that concept for me is empty but I have had friends and I have had some go and some stay.
Stay is a powerful word.
Stay… don’t leave. Don’t abandon. Don’t walk away.
In marriage it is for better or worse.
In friendships it is a heart choice.
For my Emma Rose dog… it is a pleasing attitude to make me happy.
How does the word stay form in your mind?
Is it strong or not so strong?
I will stay with you forever so long as I live and so long as I can…
when I began counselling that was one of the first questions I asked my counselor,
how long are you going to stay around?
It is a logical question. 

participating in Lisa Jo’s five minute friday. word challenge.