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On day seven of our writers challenge the word is Start.
Basically what he is saying
most first attempts at writing are generally messy and not readable.
His challenge is for us to not be afraid of ugly writing.
He said before it can be beautiful it needs to be thrown together and chaotic.
Write the hard bad things first.
Beginning something is better than not beginning at all.
If you want to become a writer don’t just dream it.
Do it.
He said no painter paints a beautiful picture the first time.
No musician plays a symphony while learning the notes.
No author writes a book the first time.
When we first begin it is often ugly and hard to understand.
With a lot of practice and sharing with others the ‘ugly’ can be restored to something beautiful and powerful.
That is when we will learn to create and become skilled in the process of writing.
He said for us to share our beginning writing with someone
then be open to their thoughts and feedback.
He said we won’t grow until we begin.
The first thing for us to do is to Start writing.