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Spring is also a time for coming together for Easter celebrations.
I remember as a little girl we didn’t do much in a church but we did dress up for Easter.
Our mother would dress us in matching outfits, always with white anklet socks with prim and proper dresses.
The pictures are so sweet and precious when you look at them.
Not necessarily how life was at the time, but sweet little girls are always precious.
Easter is a hard holiday, it is full of hope and full of the anticipation of life, but also death.
A hard and brutal death for without the death of Jesus on the cross, we would have no hope.
It is the story of God’s love for us.
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his ONE and only son, so that who ever chooses to believe in him shall have everlasting life.” John 3:16
HE GAVE, chose purposely for us to have a chance. That is what it’s all about.
The Christmas story leads us down a lifetime road to the Cross of Easter.
Jesus only had a few years of ministry to show us what needed to be done.
He impacted lives for generations because of HIS love through the Father, through the Spirit.
When we read the story it is hard. It is painful. It is confusing. It is freeing.
All the emotions of the story of the cross.
Just as Mary, Jesus mother pondered all the ‘Christmas’ moments of birth in her heart.
The death moments had to have been horrendous for her.
As he walked down the via dolarosa, the road to Golgotha, says:
a trying, painful, or sorrowful course or series of experiences. The route followed by Christ from the place of his condemnation to Calvary for his crucifixion.
It is the story of God’s love for us as we move through the Easter story in the next few weeks.