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Spring is a time for flowers and birthdays.
It’s always so delightful to have the first few warm days of spring after the winter’s rain.
This part of Oregon is known for rain and overcast skies and when we are treated with a spring warmth and blue skies we all try to go out and enjoy it.The flowers are beginning to bloom. Crocus tiny purple and yellow colors, buds of daffodils and beginning tulips peek out from under the dirt. Our children were both born in March. First our son and then our daughter.
Our son Christopher was such a surprise. We were young in our marriage and learning how to navigate adult hood and then parenting, back then they didn’t have all the tests to tell you what your baby would be.
It was a wonderful surprise.
He turned 43. A man now with son’s of his own. His wife Sarah also born in March and the same age.
Then our daughter Sarah will be 40 this week.
Life is passing us by and it is just so quick.
Those days of raising babies, a blur to the memory. Where did we live? what did we do? how did we survive?
Then the puppies and kitties added to our mix of children and days of daycare.
I was back then considered; a stay at home mom.
I wanted to be home, in fact I took in day care kids to help pay for extra things we needed.
It was something that we both wanted and felt it to be important for us as a family.
When I think of birthdays and spring, it reminds me of new beginnings.
Every year we have a chance to make things better, and more personal.
A time of renewing and restarting.With both of our children in their 40’s it feels like we are getting older and hopefully wiser.
We are grandparents to 6 wonderful children all very different.
Spring is a time for flowers, birthdays and remembering.
All the wonderful things that make our lives rich and beautiful.