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There are two questions to ask ourselves…
(as we continue the nurturing a tranquil soul topic)
Where are we now on our spiritual journey?
Where would we like to be on our spiritual journey in six months to a year?
Journey: says it is a passage or progress from one stage to another.
So the questions are asking: where do we hope to be as we move forward
spiritually from the stage we are in today to a new stage tomorrow.
Hope is a huge word. We hope for many things. What do you hope for?
The last ten pounds off~ the last chapter written so you can send in your writing~ finishing the race you have trained for and not yet accomplished~ getting the job you know you are qualified for?
It takes action to move forward.
It is stepping out as we take baby steps towards our goal.
If someone is an athlete it means they have to exercise even when one doesn’t want to.
If one is a writer it is a forcing of oneself to find quiet reflective time even when it feels like there is no time left in the day.
It is pressing oneself harder and challenging oneself deeper to reach the goal that we have set before us.
Spiritual journeys are not any different.
It is forcing ourselves to read and study and meditate even when we don’t feel like it or we don’t understand or we are just too tired.
Are we blocked by our lack of bible knowledge or our lack of discipline or our own anxieties?
What will it take to get us back on the journey?
Spiritual growth is crucial to our development as Christians.
If we don’t grow we become stagnant and that produces other issues that are not healthy for us.
Are there barriers keeping us walled and closed off?
Are there forgiveness issues that needs to be addressed?
Do we have relationship issues that are broken and leaving us ‘open and empty?’
Taking action to move forward towards spiritual growth is the first thing we can do to become strong and firm in our faith. Each step we take is a step closer to our goal.
It is as essential as breathing or eating.
Are you further this year than you were last year or are you feeling stagnant?
Lots of questions to think about.
I pray that as we begin to nurture a tranquil soul we will find a sense of peace and order as we move into a new direction of deeper spiritual growth.
Let us journey together in encouragement and affirmations for each other.
We can do a good job no matter what small steps we take towards our goal.
For any movement is better than none especially if we don’t have to do it alone.