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This weekend we are going away for three days with the grand children.
I can’t wait.
It should be fun and perhaps the beginning of a new tradition.
Not only will we have Thanksgiving and Christmas to create memories with them maybe we can have a few days in the summer to always look back on.
I want our grand children to remember us as fun and youthful and refreshing to be around.
Yes we do make them mind but when the parents are around it is their job to discipline it is our job to create fun and not get in the way of the parents who are trying to do their job.

The beach is always a fun place for kids.
They can play and dig and run and skip and just enjoy being outside.

It is a place to relax and kick back away from life’s struggles and worries.
It is refreshing to hear the waves roaring and feel the wind blowing.
The forecast is supposed to be about 70 degrees.
We are getting away and I am ready for some sand and some moments spent together as a family.
Do you have special memories with your grandparents?
Were they fun and something you wish you could go back and do them again?
I pray that today you can remember some of those times and even maybe do some writing or talking about them with someone close to you.
A time away from life’s chores and duties and responsibilities is good for all of us.

This weekend we are taking the time to get away to have fun relax and make new memories.
(the top picture is of Faith when she was very small about age three with grandpa. The others were Faith this summer and her sisters having fun. Our son and his son Samuel when he was about age two and the crosses are on the top of a hill overlooking the beach where we go…it is my favorite place)