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The journey…
between vulnerability and realness has been slow for me.
I am by nature a private person.
And to share matters of the heart is only for one or two generally.
It took me years to even get to that point.
I have a good friend whom I am very open with and also my husband.
To share what was written in the last ‘blog’ was really hard.
I hesitated and wanted to delete it …change it and make it more ‘pleasing’ to read. Then I remembered my mantra for the year to be honest and real and share more openly.
Not so open that I hurt someone or risk being too ‘harsh’ or risk being too transparent.

The last blog was pretty transparent and very personal and that was my hesitation.
Some people don’t need to know your ‘heart’ condition today. Like the person who casually says, “How are you?” not really expecting you to go through a year’s story. They are being casual in a question and just want you to say, “I’m fine thank you.”
But sometimes we have to really say what is on our heart.
I hope for all of us that we have one person in our life who we can unzip the shell of the wounding of our heart and share openly and honestly without worry of their reactions.
Someone to just listen to us and to empathize and pray with us through our heart hurt.
Not judging our feelings but just listen.
I looked up the word friend in the Bible and there were 172 references to the word.
So it is important for us to have a ‘friend’ a confidant and a listening ear when our hearts are hurting. It is not good or healthy to keep in inside yourself.
My challenge today is: How real are your friendships?
Is there someone in your life with whom you can share openly and honestly?
If there isn’t anyone why not?
I pray that we all can experience the wonderful sharing of a good friend.