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As I continue to think of Mary and Joseph and the journey they were on.
The urgent need to get settled laid heavy on their hearts and minds.
The journey to Bethlehem was not easy.
Remember it was days and it was nights.
Night time brought out night predators and even cooler temperatures.
Were they able to lay down and rest a little bit?
Were they able to feel safe?
I wonder in the dark of the night if they shared with each other
what the next few weeks would mean for them.
So much had changed.
The plans they had made for each other were now different.
As they tried to rest for a while.
What did they think about and experience.
There were no soft pillows or beds for them.
Perhaps Mary rested on the horses blankets.
With all the sweat and smells from the animals journey.
I wonder if she was able to rest.
Not too different than any other expectant mom.
Soon she would deliver a tiny baby.
With no midwife or doctor to help her.
Was Joseph prepared and did he even know what to do in this kind of situation.
Did she whisper to him her worries or did she keep them close to her heart.
So much had changed for them.
In the days ahead so much more will be different and new.
I continue to think of the journey they were on.