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Birds deep inside their nest…resting.
Look close you can see them.
I have totally enjoyed these families this year. Especially since I was sick and couldn’t get out much this was my entertainment. Those birds cared for the babies all day long making the nest ready for a family then having the family. Now we have a second family moving in and sitting on soon to be babies again.

If you look close there is a bird on the left of the bird house and on the right of the bird house. 

Baby bird peeking out… there are two of them in there.

Mommy bird feeding the baby birds. It was awesome to watch the energy level of the mommy she was devoted to feeding them every half hour or so. She was in and out all day long. The dad too.
On the last day I was gone for part of the day and when I was gone the birds left. They all flew away.
I missed it. I had been watching them every day and they left when I was gone. It saddened my heart to know I had missed it.

Isn’t this such a beautiful picture? YUM. YUM. We have been enjoying fresh apricots and watermelon, fresh corn on the cob. 

                                          Don’t those look wonderful?

And our courtyard is growing beautiful flowers and fresh strawberries are coming onto our bushes for a morning snack. It is awesome to have fresh fruit for breakfast. The blueberries are not yet ready maybe we have to wait for next year.

Our garden is starting to flourish and grow… soon we will have tomatoes and cucumbers and other wonderful fresh vegetables. I am happy that it is finally not raining and the sun is allowing a few things to grow. I am not by nature a summer fan, enjoy fall much better. But I do enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables that go with summer.
How is your summer going??