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The first trip we did out in our new ‘home away from home’, was at the beach. Our favorite place to go is a place called Winema.
It is a Christian camp and it has such quiet and beauty most of the time when campers are not there.
We happened to get there between activities and the weekend so it was pretty quiet and nice.
Our trailer is very comfortable and we enjoy goingDSCN1192 out as much as possible now that we are fully retired.
The view from our trailer looking out from the campsite heading towards the beach.
It is a quiet pathway, not too rough of a walk and over the ridge is the ocean.
There are a few a memorial benches where one can sit and enjoy the oceans beauty if you don’t have your own chair.
We can sit there for a long time just watching the waves, and feeling the fresh air on our faces.
IMG_0515 (7)
Sometimes we see birds and boats and other activities like kite flying or kids playing.
The beach is not private but the camp is.
IMG_0519 (5)IMG_0513 (3)IMG_0522 Way on top of the hill next to the main driveway to the camp are the crosses I love to look at. Have always told my husband should I leave this world before him I want to be placed up there. I don’t like heights but it is a perfect place of peace and freedom.
The view from the beach side, high up on a hill are the crosses.
The view from the high perspective looking down.
The view of the camp to the left, and the bay outlet where one can use a kayak or canoe. IMG_0587
It will always be our ‘favorite place’. Quiet and peaceful and most of the time very few people.
IMG_0572 (5)