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My husband and I at our favorite place the beach.

A Father and Son picture isn’t is just too funny?


Our Son Christopher and his wife Sarah have three little boys!
Super Heroes ~ Samuel, Seth and Josiah

Our daughter Sarah and her husband Doug… have three daughters.

Hannah, Alexis and Faith 

Yes Hannah on left and Alexis on right are identical twins and Yes they surprised this grandma and grandpa we had no idea we would have twins in the family. In this photo they were a week old.

We are so blessed to have all six of these beautiful grand children. We feel it is an honor and a privilege to pray for them and support them.  Samuel, Hannah and Alexis are all age 7 Josiah is age 3 Seth is now age 10 months and Faith just turned 12.

We could not be happier grandparents…God has blessed us far beyond what we ever thought possible.