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The relationship between Mary and Elizabeth
was very special.
They were cousins with a wide age range between them.
They were two women sharing the same experience.
Elizabeth was past the child bearing years and miraculously
expecting a son she would name John.
Mary still in her youth and a virgin miraculously expecting a son
she would name Jesus.
They both shared a miracle and they both knew
how miraculous each of those were for each other.
When Mary found Elizabeth she was encouraged and affirmed.
I am sure she was wanting so much to talk and share and tell
the story of the angel and what was said between them.
Elizabeth believed her story and believed the call on her life
and affirmed her by saying “my baby leaped upon hearing you.”
How could she not believe for she was carrying a child and
that certainly was not possible had it not been for a miracle.
Elizabeth ministered to Mary in such a way that I don’t believe
we can realize.
She confirmed in her heart she was special.
She understood and believed her story.
Can you imagine the hugs between them almost a sisterhood?
When Joseph heard about the baby he wanted to quietly send Mary away
to protect her and her family from shame.
For to be with child and not married
was a tremendous shame in that culture
and Joseph knew that it would be hurtful to her.
Through his obedience he showed Mary love and compassion
by taking her to be his wife.
That is what happens when we care for someone
we want the best for them.
Each of them were a part of a miracle
the miracle of life and birth and peace and hope.
The story of their shared miracles continues through out history.
The story of the baby born in a city called Bethlehem
and the wise men who came from a far to see him.
Each of them were a part of a miracle and
a story of love and redemption too.
If we opened our hearts
we would be a part of it also.
Are we ready to open our hearts?