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Last Saturday I went to a ladies gathering.

It was called Selah.
Looking up the meaning on and it says: an expression occurring frequently in the Psalms, thought to be liturgical or musical direction, probably a direction by the leader to raise the voice or perhaps an indication of a pause, “to pause, raise, lift”

The first speaker of day said we are to live intentionally and move from an overwhelmed order to a transformed order deep inside ourselves. Like pushing a reset button to align yourself to God’s order. She said it is a revival of the heart.

She said ‘disorganization is more than piles, it is an internal ‘dis-order’ that manifests itself into ‘piles’ to work on. She said ‘disorder imprisons us/order frees us.
Becoming ordered is about releasing, the disconnect.

So in hearing all that I was thinking about myself. What disconnect am I not aware of that makes my ‘messy’ places so messy. Oh I gather myself at times and deep clean and purge and accomplish a ‘place of order’ only to have it reclaim itself months later.
SELAH… to raise my voice to God and pause.
Does that sound like a prayer?
The speaker said the preparation principle is this: “Sometimes before you advance you have to be still and let him work in you so you can begin to live by his purpose and priorities.”

Be Still and know that HE is God…that would be the pause part of the work.
She said, “‘Ladies it is not about blame or bad self talk it is about investing in yourself to have peace and calm in your home.”
So for my faithful readers I will show you what I am working on.
The first picture is my desk. It is messy. That is how I focus and think. I have piles of notes, papers, assorted books and other must haves in order for me to write. Now before you think wow she is really a messy person I want to show you the other side of the room that is not so messy. I am able to have order in my own strange way the next picture is across the room. This is where my 369 early readers are stored. Yes I did say that many. They are all cataloged in the computer by name and date issued. They are early readers in the Dick and Jane style from 1920’s to 1970’s with most of them in the category of the 1950-1960’s era. I love the pictures and stories. This part of the room is organized and nice.

The other part of the room is not so nice. My goal for the new year… (yes it is only October) is to get re organized again so that this won’t happen any more in my pretty den. I will need prayer.

Can you tell I dislike paper work? The bills get paid and I throw them on a pile. Looking forward to the day when I can toss them all into the fireplace and burn them. Only to have the new year start again.   

I would welcome suggestions if anyone has any.
I do get overwhelmed with the ‘stuff’ it is not a part of my organization skill. Part of this blog is learning to become vulnerable and sharing what the Lord is doing in this quiet little world of mine. This is a side of my ‘messy disorganized world’. I hope you still like me… :o)