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Saturday the 5th we went to our second memorial service for someone in 8 days.
It was for a dear sweet little lady named Frances.
I worked with her at one point in time in our ‘newly married’ days, we sewed professionally for Pendleton woolen mills.
It didn’t take her too long before she guessed I was pregnant with our first baby, who would be our son.
I had a very hard time managing the early morning time being at work at 6:30 am and then to add the extreme nausea.
The machines were power sewing machines, and they had a ‘hum’ to them when they were sewing.
The hum actually was my breaking point as it put me to sleep, which caused me to sew my thumb.
After they had to remove the needle from my nail, wrap my thumb up, they laid me off.
I really didn’t mind. I was too sick to work.
Frances was so excited when she found out I was expecting a new little baby, 41 years ago.
She was our sister in law’s mother and the sweetest lady one could ever meet.
She was kind, and had a great smile and a great encouraging attitude, always fun to be around.
She was also the best friend of my husband’s parents. Her husband and the ‘folks’ would love to play Skip-Bo and eat snacks.
When someone dies it is always a hard and difficult time.
She was ready to go and made the decision to leave the hospital and go home on hospice.
When someone dies it leaves those of us who are left behind with only memories, pictures and stories we remember.
When we know they lived a good and happy life it is easier to let them go, even though we grieve we don’t grieve without hope.
She love her Lord Jesus. Her faith got her through a lot of hard and difficult times, and she remained strong.
When she closed her eyes and breathed her last breath, I am positive she entered into Heaven and asked,
‘Where is Dorothy?’ my husband’s mother who passed away a few years ago.
She also got to see her son who passed away and her grandson.
Frances Eva Henthorne 1926-2016 … She will be missed.