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This morning I woke up
way earlier than normal.
It is quiet and cold.
Yesterday the air conditioning felt good
the days temp was in the high 80’s.
This morning the air is cool and I need a sweater.
Reminding me how much
I love fall.

I am longing for days of coolness
flannel shirts and a fire in the fireplace.
I am by nature
not a summer person.
For a small season of time I enjoy it.
Then …
My soul needs cool days
and crispy leaves outside to step on
while the wind snaps against fall trees dying
for the season is for resting and slowing down
and going dormant.
It requires a change…and renewing a spirit that is parched from
summer days.

I love cool days
and hot tea or coffee
and a warm blanket and book.

Summer doesn’t allow that time
for hunkering down and snuggle.
Summer is about hiking and camping
and water and sand.

Fall is a time for books and stillness
and candles burning.

This morning I miss
flannel sheets
warm cocoa
and crisp fall days.

As the seasons change
so do I
Lord help me
to grow and change in a direction towards you.
Help me to be encouraging
challenging and prayerful.
As the seasons change
so do I…
do you?