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In loving memory of a dad and grand father ~
Saturday we had the official graveside service for dad O and then we went to the church for a small lunch following that we had the memorial service for him.
The local veterans of foreign wars assigned about eight men to stand near the flag and his picture.
It was interesting as they each took turns to salute him and then stand during the service.
It was not distracting or disruptive.
It was meaningful and special to have him honored as a military man.
He served and did it with a servants heart.
His life was shared by many and his life was honored by many too.
Saying good bye is hard but we do know he is in heaven with his bride of almost 61 years.
He is with his son and other family members who went before him.
We will miss him always.
He left a legacy and he made an impact on everyone he met.
We say good bye for now.
Until someday we meet again.