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Taking a bit of a detour from the Easter theme.
I have been reading a blog for about a year now.
It is called Mundane Faithfulness and it has been a journey for the author Kara, and her family and her readers.
She passed away last Sunday from stage four cancer.
It’s been quite a journey for her and her little family and for those who have read her words.
This is the last journal writing from her blog.
I share it because, it is so very important to pray for her family and to help in any way we can.
We all miss her even though we have never met, we all cannot know what it will be like, to have her not be the author of her blog any more, as we have shared in the deep abiding love she had in the Lord.
We were there cheering her on and watching as she would make a video for her husband, and her little children, treasures for them later as they grow, pretty painful right now to watch.
Please keep her family in your prayers.
She was a wife and mom to four very beautiful children.
The journey will be hard for all of them to move forward without her.
Saying good bye is never easy.
They will be showing a live stream of  her memorial service because of the friends and blog readers who cannot come in person to her service.
If you have a way to donate to her family it would be appreciated.
God desires us to support each other and this little family needs prayers, and if  you can also purchase her book it would help the family.
May we pray for them to have comfort as they move through this grief filled time of life.