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I am dealing with a new diagnosis my dad received from his oncologist.
It doesn’t sound positive and dad is looking pretty tired after the last hospital experience.
The leukemia he did have changed and now he is fighting acute/chronic lymphoblastic leukemia.
I looked it up on web md to see what exactly it was that he is dealing with.
Perhaps that was a mistake for now it feels like he won’t be here that long.
Acute means serious, chronic means hard to beat or fight as in on going, and it is cancer of the blood which in time can affect organs or more cell dysfunction.
My thoughts are a bit jumbled and I am not even sure what to think or feel.
With his chronic copd condition, he is on full oxygen now around the clock.
With his diabetes he is being monitored often by the home health nurse who comes to visit.
A few weeks ago he had double pneumonia and possibly a slight heart attack.
The heart doctor was pleased with the heart ‘condition’ now but if the blood is affected how could it not make him feel worse?
So much going on.
Also my mothers new diagnosis a few months ago of Parkinson’s disease.
Aging is not often fun.
At least my husband feels good and I am not sick either.
Thank God.
What a year we have had.
How has your year been?