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This last week or two have been quite the interesting ones.
My husband had a full knee replacement surgery. It went well other than a few glitches and issues.
He is recovering as far as the knee goes, he can bend it and it is healing properly.
The new problem is an infection and that is being treated very aggressively.
Prayers and good antibiotics have helped in this process.
The thing he has to do now is rest and let the healing take the time to do what it needs to do.
I know it’s hard but he has no choice.
Next week the 29 staples will be removed and he can learn to bend again without pain.
Before his surgery he was given a day of fun. He had a two hour flight scheduled out of Hillsboro and it was just what he needed.
They took off in a small plane and decided to go up and over Mt Hood. Before doing that they flew over our house and neighborhood.
IMG_0276 [716687]
The views from up high are way different that what we see below.
IMG_0275 [716686]
This is a field by his old work site. It looks totally different from the level of a car.
They flew over Portland and the city buildings were amazing I don’t have those pictures yet.
They flew over the Oregon City bridge and water area, he said it was amazing.
IMG_1120 [716683]
The day was beautiful and sunny. They had clear skies with fluffy clouds. Heading to Mt Hood it was beautiful and majestic.
IMG_1173 [710188]
The majesty and glorious mountain covered in snow, with rugged beauty.
IMG_1167 [710191]
Our God is so amazing to create such beauty and power in a mountain. Very much like Mt St Helen’s before the volcano changed it’s look.
IMG_1176 [710187]
IMG_1170 [710190]
IMG_1177 [710186]
When he came out of the sky and back onto land his smile was wide and he was so happy.
It was a gift of a lifetime.
As soon as he could he was ready to share the stories and pictures to anyone who wanted to see them.