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A time to rest.
The last four days I have been down resting.
A bug or a virus or an allergy or a seasonal illness brought me down again.
My body was tired.
My brain fogged over.
My energy slow moving.
Sleep was good.
Sleep became a healing place.

Warm blankets and soft pillows.
Comforting pajama’s and soft robe wrapped their arms around me.
Comfort is good.
It is like a hot cup of tea steaming in your hands.

Breathe in the smell of spices and leaves.
Breathe in the smell and listen to the quiet sound.
Silence is not comfortable.
Silence teaches us what haunts our hearts.
I wait and listen.
The word I receive is rest.
When the new year started the blog world was naming
their word for the year. I couldn’t think of a word.
Last year’s word was grief for we had many levels of that going on.
I prayed and the word came to me…
Rest… to rest and restore my soul.
Did you know that every night when one goes to sleep
they restore themselves at the cellular level.
Rest: the refreshing quiet or repose of sleep:
a good nights sleep ~ mental or spiritual calm; tranquility ~
relief or freedom, especially from anything that wearies, troubles, or disturbs.
to be quiet or still. to bring to rest; halt; stop.
Rest is refreshing.
Rest is healing.
Do you need to slow down and rest today ~ 
is your body and mind telling you that refreshment is needed?