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My son… turned 40 yesterday.
I said 40… wow I cannot believe it is here.
I turned 60 in December so it is true.
We were young, inexperienced parents barely out of our teen years.
I so remember the first time holding this tiny little boy.

I didn’t know what to do.
I loved and cuddled and sang and rocked. 
His daddy wasn’t really sure either.
Pretty scary for first time parents.
To realize you are the key people in the life of this one tiny baby boy.
Christopher you are and have been always a blessing to us.
You amazed us with your joy, your sweetness and your ability to keep us very busy.
I sewed that shirt you were wearing, your dad had one too.
Yep dad and son look alike outfits, too cute.
You had a huge vocabulary by the time you were age three.
You talked and talked and talked, and sang and entertained us always.
Today you are 40.
I am proud of you, and I am so blessed to be  your ‘mom’.
Our Son…
A uniformed officer.
A son, a brother, a husband and father of three little boys.
Happy Birthday Son… you make us very proud.