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Thinking of Mary.
I often wonder how was it for her to be in a barn for long hours as she waited for her baby to deliver?
Can we even imagine her pain or her fears or maybe even her loneliness?
If we can imagine each contraction she held her round frame and breathed in the surroundings around her.
Remember she was very young and still in her teens.
Without a mom or midwife or doctor or maybe even fresh water to help her thirst.
She labored in agony not really knowing what to expect.
Not having a labor coach or soft music to soothe and distract her.
I don’t suppose just because he was ‘God’ in flesh her labor was any easier than anyone else who has delivered a baby.
We are not told it was easy and I wonder what did Joseph do during this time of waiting.
Maybe if we stretch our imagination there might have been the innkeepers wife nearby to help her.
Maybe if we stretch it even more there was tea or even a mild ‘sort of medicine’ the town ladies knew to use to make it more comfortable for her.
We are not really told about the delivery.
We know the baby came and he was wrapped in cloths and he was placed in a manger.
She didn’t have nurses who would come check on her or help her nurse him.
She had Joseph and we don’t know what kind of help he was to her.
In the middle of a barn.
In the quiet of the moment.
Mary delivered her baby.
A son was born.
Her son
and I think of Mary alone in the barn remembering the angels words.