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My gate 
and rocking horse 

from dad

Today is Father’s day.
A traditional day to pay our respects and honor to our ‘earthly’ dad’s and to say Thanks.
These are a few things my dad has made me.
A gate that separates our court yard and our back yard.
He came over to my house and attached it for me with my husband helping him.
The rocking horse actually arrived a year or two earlier.
It rocks with a clip clop sound and I believe he drew it out and then made it.
The lower picture of the gate is my ‘reminder’ that HE is my dad.
Given to me in love as a gesture of thanks for taking care of my sister when she was on hospice.
I will always treasure it.

He also made me a welcome sign for my door with his ’emblem’ the hat.
A symbol of dad and his years as a cowboy.
Happy Fathers day dad.
I am glad we have been able to see you through one more year.
At 86 we know that time is passing by and some day this day will just be a memory.
My husband is having his first ‘fathers day’ without his dad.
It is hard.
He died March 24 six months before his 92nd birthday.
We say happy Fathers day today to all the dad’s who do a good job and who walk alongside the children no matter how old they are.
I also thank God for my husband who has been a wonderful dad and grandpa.
God has blessed us with memories of love, compassion and challenges to help us grow stronger.
Happy Fathers day Dad’s.
Joining Diedra on Jumping tandem and the Sunday Community.