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The five minute writing prompt gives a word every Friday.
The rule is you write freely for five minutes without editing
then you publish it.
I don’t always participate.
But sometimes I choose the challenge.
Today I felt like the word was good for me.
(I did take longer than five minutes as I needed to look the word up and stir my thinking as I processed)
Release. says…Release is:
A freeing or releasing from
confinement (emotional or physical),
obligation, pain and emotional strain.
A grant of permission. To allow something to be known.
Relinquish or surrender.
To free from one’s grip or control.
Such a powerful word and since we have been learning about words in this ‘blog series’ it is very important to explore the meanings.
Let it go… with open palm and open heart.
In church I release my heart hurt and the stress of my week.
I let it go.
In prayer I release the tension, the sorrow and the tears.
Above it says that it is freeing from emotional confinement because sometimes we pen ourselves in to the ways of the past and we do not allow those rules to break down.
Let it go.
It is healthy… it is healing.
Granting permission to feel the feelings and not apologize.
To speak and say ‘the feelings’ or thoughts 
then let it go.
Release. such a healing process… such a freedom.