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The reason and the purpose for my writing came clear to me as I was creating the ‘my page’ in my first blog book.
I knew every author does a ‘paragraph’ thanking others who were walking them through it and I had to create my own thankful page.
In doing that I realized the reason why I did this.

– Something to think about -2010- In your quiet moments
To my family and friends.
Something to think about was birthed after much prayer. I thank God who gave me the courage to write this and I thank my husband who was beside me through the process. From my heart I leave a legacy of words for those who I love and care for, through this journey I have learned about love, life, faith and family bonding.

It was a bit rough around the edges but the sentiment was exactly right.
A legacy of words. That is why I write.
So that someday my grandchildren could have something tangible in their hands written by grandma.
Not just an old picture of me that becomes a dim memory, as we all have those.
Words written and read are like small gifts we can unwrap and enjoy.
You learn a lot about someone when you read their words and their ideas about life.
I have some letters and cards given to me from those who I care for and each time I read them I am moved back into time.
That is the gift of memory.
The reason why it is written; is just as important as to who it is written.
Words came easy to me in the beginning because there were so many stored away in compartments.
I saw life in the form of words, or stories to be shared or experiences that could be put in a story.
Is that not like a writer? to ask what can I glean from this?
I never thought of myself as a writer but as time has moved me forward, I have found peace in that title.
From the moment I chose to make this a place for words from my heart, the legacy or something handed down from the past began.
I pray it continues to not only bless those who read it but challenge them too.
That is the reason I sit tapping away each week, spending hours upon hours choosing words.
A legacy of words. Just as nice as an antique porcelain tea cup, only more tangible and treasured.