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We delight in the beauty of the butterfly,

but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.
~ Maya Angelou ~
  I think of life as a series of changes.
We are young
We grow up
We leave school
We get married
We have children
They are young
They grow up
They leave school
They get married
They have children
The circle continues
No one really takes the time to talk about
The changes of life that we go through
 to grow us
and mature us
Into who we are today.
Our beauty comes after the difficult moments.
Our beauty comes after the sad times
and times of stress and heart ache
and the times of refreshment
when the struggle is over.
We are beautiful when
we become more
like Him.
The butterfly goes through a life changes
to become
who it is supposed to become
in its final stage of life.
It didn’t start out a butterfly.
It had to work and struggle and
go through many processes
 to get there.
We are no different.
Our transformation is just as life changing
And the end result will be
Something very beautiful
Perhaps even a radical transformation.

(picture taken by Shelly Collis)
Yamhill County Oregon