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it is something we all struggle with.
How to use our time wisely efficiently and how to get done the many things that needs to be done every day. We must make a sincere effort to pay attention to what takes our time away from doing what is really important.
It is deliberate. It is a choice we make to purpose in our heart to rest if we are tired,
to walk if we need refreshing,
to write if we are frustrated or hurting,
to call someone if we are lonely or need encouragement.
It is a choice to turn off the TV and talk to each other.
It is a choice to read the word instead of the magazine or newspaper or the computer or cell phone.
Life is a series of choices.
There are choices we have to make every day as we journey through this thing called life.
We must choose to be quiet and listen to our restless hearts cry.
On my computer I have a sticky note that I leave as a reminder for me every day to read and reflect on:
We need quiet time to examine our lives openly and honestly.

In the still quiet moments we gain strength and wisdom for our journey ahead.
My challenge today for you and I is to make a choice to quiet our lives so we may hear the still small nudging of what is really important.
In our busyness we can miss out and disconnect from so much.
I pray that we all take the time to slow down,
quiet our hearts and listen to the sounds around us.
WE MIGHT be surprised by what we hear.