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I woke up this morning feeling tired. It’s Saturday. A day to rest for me. Most weekdays require me to be up and moving… by 6 am. I was thinking about my little grand daughter. The three little girls spent the day with grandma. I had given them a snack in the afternoon. This time it was hard boiled eggs. They like ‘eggs they can hold’. She is almost 6 and very opinionated as they are at that age. So sure of themselves. I said to her ‘you know protein is really a good snack, it makes you have energy and helps you to feel good’. She looked at me as she was eating her hard boiled egg and said ‘we don’t eat protein at our house’… I said ‘OH’ looking a bit surprised wondering to myself, what is your egg? She said again firmly with a look in her eyes only she can give, ‘we don’t eat PROTEIN’… mommy doesn’t like it. I had to stop and think… well… she is very adamant about something she really is unsure of… being only 6 she might not know eggs are considered protein. My thought today is this… What are we really adamant about and why?? How firm is our feeling about it and how grounded are we in the truth. She was firm… in her thought, but the truth wasn’t alongside her firmness. Her reality was being adamant about something she didn’t know about. She will in time learn what protein is in the food groups, it wasn’t my job to tell her anything different. It was my job to let her come to her own awareness. And enjoy the moment with her. I love being a grandma I will get a lot of ideas from them. I challenge you and me today to examine ourselves. What are we adamant about and why? The Webster’s definition of adamant is : utterly unyielding in attitude or opinion in spite of all appeals, urgings etc. Something to think about today.