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Sometimes I am nervous about having other people read my writings.
Especially if I know they have written a book, or they are well known in the field of writing. I think of my inadequacies in grammar and punctuation at times. I might not say the perfect thing or create the perfect story. Others can write better than I do and create word pictures so much better.
Then I hear a small, tapping, a slight nudging within my heart.
tap tap….tap tap…. I quiet myself to listen.

For I know it is the Lord,
Saying to me, “Did I bring you this far to focus on yourself and your fears?”
No… Lord you did not. I say in my most quiet voice.

Today I read something a lady by the name of Wendy Blight wrote. I don’t know her and
I hope it is OK to share it with you maybe you need these words as much as I did.
Sweet friend,
God brought you here today.
He wants to remind you of a precious truth.
Hear it and never forget it…
before time began, before God spoke the world into being…
He had you in his heart.
God chose you to be His child.
God has a perfect plan for your life.
No one else has your plan, your family, your gifts, your talent, your heart, your education, your past and your present…no one.
He chose you to use you to do great things for His kingdom…things that only you can do.
He is preparing you… even now.

But, to be used by God, you must Trust Him with your PAST,
BELIEVE Him for your future, BELIEVE He has a plan for you.
SURRENDER your life to His plan,
and believe He will equip you to do what He has called you to do.
Psalm 139:16
“You saw me before I was born. Everyday of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.” (NLT)

When I opened this up and read it this morning, it was like God was saying,
“TRUST me. I make no mistakes. You are loved, You have always been loved.
I have given you gifts that I believe YOU can do even if you don’t believe it. Are you going to trust me in this process as I teach you, to believe more fully in your self?”.
It is a challenge for us all.