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My husband and I have a saying about keeping things in our home.
Do we like it or do we love it.
Does it have a purpose or is it a sentimental part of our lives?
Could we live in peace if it was gone or should we make room for it always?
These are very good questions for all of us to consider when purging and cleaning.
Remember the goal and reasons of simplifying our lives; to maintain a more peaceful environment.
That can mean to ask the same question for many areas or rooms.
Do we like it or do we love it.
Last year my husband cleaned out his three tool boxes and kept his favorites; then gave the left overs to our grandsons who loved having their own hammers and tools.
It is so simple sometimes.
One day I found myself going through old magazines and tearing off our address then sending the rest into a recycle box to be recycled.
They don’t serve a purpose after awhile unless you can take them to a doctor’s office where they mostly have outdated and boring things to read.
I know in the den I have many books that serve little purpose for me now, so they will go away too.
In our room there are more assorted books and items that really could leave and not be missed.
It will be both fun and freeing to get this project done.
Does it take energy? yes because when one is a sentimental messy it is an internal shift to ‘give away’.
Just like any project we have to have a purpose, and a goal so we can visualize the end result.
One year I cleaned out my closet and gave away over 15 sweatshirts. How many can one person wear?
It freed up space and it went to a good cause.
That is what this message is about. Repurposing our ‘things’ to bless others in the process.
Are we ready to continue this process?