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I wrote this a few days ago and have been working on it as the process continues. Mom O cannot respond to anyone now she is quiet and resting and seems to be rather peaceful.


She calls her mama …

it is precious to experience and watch the gentleness. The sweet spirit of giving… of the daughters love.
It is heart breaking to be taking care of someone who once took care of you.
It is also an honor at the same time.
I sit and listen as I am moved with great emotion and watch this interaction between the mother and daughter.
Compassion is gentle and soft and ever so caring. Compassion is warm and trusting. Compassion is hand holding as the questions begin between the two of them.

Mama… are you cold? Mama… are you comfortable? What do you need mama?
As the daughter hand rubs against the mama face now burning with fever.

My husband’s sister…My sister in the Lord… Loves on her mama.

It is precious. It is a Kodak moment only a camera would not create the gentleness of spirit that I am observing.

It is what you do when you love someone.
You sacrifice your ‘need for privacy or quiet or sleep’ for the one who you now take care of.
It is what you do
when you love someone.

How awesome it is that we have hope.
We know that when our loved one passes from this place called home to a new one. We will join them one day and forever be together.
The suffering will be over.
The dying body will be changed and the new body will once more be ‘her mama’.
She calls her mama… four days before mothers day.

Every day right now is mama’s day until she lets go and enters heaven.

We thank you mom O for your legacy. Your love and your prayers for us will always be valued. Your daughter and sons respect you highly. We thank you mom O for being a wonderful grandma.
You lived a wonderful life and raised beautiful children who in turn because of your example will raise children who will learn to honor and love your Lord.
Dad sits near your bed and your dog Abbie too. She knows something is wrong with mom O.
The daughter love will always call you mama. You will hold a special place in her heart forever and always.
She calls you mama and your sons do too. We will miss you mama O.